Why the Metaverse?

Collaborative and Rewarding Decentralized AI Development

AI.Society is a platform that advances AI technology for everyone. AI development should not be centralized or monopolized by a few entities, but decentralized for the public. We enable users to contribute to training and improving AI systems through user-operated nodes and reward mechanisms.

Interactive and Gamified AI Training

The Metaverse is a virtual environment that simulates and creates improbable or impossible scenarios in real life. Many unlikely but crucial scenarios can test the robustness of AI systems. The scenarios can be generated and gamified without real consequences while providing abundant and diverse data sets by the public.

Safe and Responsible AI Ethic Simulation

Leveraging the metaverse as a virtual environment to simulate and test various scenarios that are crucial for AI reliability, and ethics. There are potential risks and challenges that need to be anticipated and mitigated before they cause harm or injustice Having a metaverse to train specialized AI safely and test AI ethics in various scenarios enables safe regulations to be drafted and save costs efficiently.

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