AIS Nodes

AIS Nodes

AIS Node is essentially a software that runs on user devices that contribute to the AI Engine. The collaborative aspect of user-operated nodes reinforces the ethos of AI.Society, where all participants actively contribute to the development and evolution of AI technologies. By collectively operating the nodes, users become key stakeholders in shaping the AI landscape within the metaverse.

By running a user-operated node, you can enjoy many benefits, such as:

  • Earning AIS tokens as rewards: AIS tokens are a cryptocurrency that you can use to purchase goods and services within the AI.Society ecosystem. You can also exchange AIS tokens for other cryptocurrencies or fiat money on various platforms.

  • Airdrop opportunities: You can get airdrop opportunities by running a user-operated node and being an active and loyal member of the AI.Society community.

  • Priority to Virtual Asset Ownership: You can get priority to virtual asset ownership by running a user-operated node and contributing to the development and improvement of the AI engine. You can also get priority to virtual asset ownership by creating or curating high-quality content or services for other users.

  • Premium privileges and perks: Premium privileges and perks are special benefits or advantages that enhance your experience and satisfaction with AI.Society Nodes, such as boosters, DAO participation right, and, exclusive access, etc.

AI.Society not only maximizes the efficiency of AI operations but also empowers users to be active contributors in shaping the future of AI technology.

You can run a user-operated node application on any device that meets the minimum requirements and specifications. You can also monitor your node's performance and earnings from the AI.Society app or website.

AIS Nodes Operator Incentives

  1. Operator Daily Rewards

    a. Operators are able to claim daily token rewards as $AIS token for their contribution

  2. Higher Yield Rewards and Voting Power

    a. . While all the users who participate in platform activities (e.g. voting, screening/filtering) by staking their $AIS would earn basic staking rewards, AIS Node operators will have enhanced rewards.

    b. Node operators will automatically have DAO membership in AI.Society and any staking mechanism for voting will have a higher voting value.

  3. Extra Rewards

    a. Airdrop opportunities and exclusive early access to all applications for AI Society.


Only the first 1,300 nodes will be sold in USDT with $50 increments per 100 nodes. The subsequent 49000 nodes will be sold in AIS tokens, with a nth% increase per 100 nodes.



Node total count


Node distribution

1,500,000,000 AIS

Node sell round

2 Rounds

Price increase rate

Only the first 1300 nodes will be sold in $USDT with a $50 per 100 increment. The next 49000 nodes will be sold in $AIS tokens, with a nth% increase per 100 nodes.

Acquisition Conditions

Activated nodes earn mined AIS tokens. Before the halving, about 200,000 tokens are distributed per day, with active nodes earning about 1388 tokens every 10 minutes.


~10% Rebate*

*Rebate percentages are updated live on the Node website.

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