Sustainability of AI.Society

Subscription: Enjoy premium features and services with AIS tokens

Subscription allows users to enjoy premium features and services within the AI.S metaverse. These include exclusive access to AI NPCs that can provide useful services and insights, advanced options to customize their avatars and environments, and priority support from our team. Different subscription plans that suit different user needs and preferences, such as basic, standard, and premium. There are different discounts and incentives for users who subscribe for longer periods or refer other users to join the AI.S metaverse.

Taxes: Maintain the AI.Society with a small commission fee

Taxes are required to operate and manage the AI.S society. AI.Society collects a small percentage of fees in AIS tokens for every transaction or exchange that occurs within the AI.S metaverse. These include buying or selling virtual properties, such as land, houses, and decorations, as well as hiring or customizing AI NPCs. A small percentage of AIS tokens from each transaction or exchange is a revenue source. A reasonable and transparent commission rate balances the interests of our foundation and our users.

B2B partnerships: Promotions and Ads within the AI.S metaverse

B2B partnerships with external brands or organizations that want to promote their products or services within the AI.S metaverse can be a valuable revenue source. These include advertising banners, branded AI NPCs, sponsored events, etc. The sponsors pay a fee in AIS tokens n for the exposure and engagement, they receive from our users.

Selling or licensing trained AI datasets: Share the value of AI and metaverse data with other businesses

Selling or licensing the trained AI datasets generated from the AI.S metaverse project including natural language texts generated by the AI NPCs, the user feedback and verification data collected from the users, and the metaverse content and features created by the users. These datasets are useful and valuable for other businesses that want to leverage AI and metaverse technologies for their own products or services, such as education, entertainment, marketing, etc. AI.S sells or licenses the trained AI datasets to other businesses in exchange for AIS tokens or other forms of payment. The privacy and security of AI.S users and the metaverse are protected and respected when sharing or selling trained AI datasets.

Creating and distributing content: Generate revenue from engaging metaverse content

Creating and distributing high-quality and engaging content for the AI.S metaverse including stories, games, and events, can provide revenue as users who want to access or download these content pay with AIS tokens. The revenues are shared with the content creators or contributors who help to produce or enhance this content.

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